1979 Trades
1 To Texas: Ted Simmons 1 To Ocean City: Andre Thornton
2 To Alabama: Sacramento's 2nd & 3rd rd picks in '79 2 To Sacramento: Alabama's 1st rd pick in '79
3 To Sacramento: Houston's 3rd rd pick in '79 3 To Houston: Charlie Moore
4 To Chicago: Mike Caldwell 4 To Ocean City: Chicago's 2nd rd pick in '80
5 To Erie: Al Bumbry, Jorge Orta & Sacramento's 6th rd pick in '80 5 To Sacramento: Erie's 1st & 4th rd picks in '80
6 To Texas: Bruce Bochte 6 To Ocean City: Texas' 6th rd pick in '80
7 To Columbus: Dan Briggs and Erie's 3rd and 5th rd picks in '80 7 To Erie: Mike Marshall and Columbus' 9th and 10th rd picks in '80
8 To Chicago: Pete Rose, Columbus' 2nd rd pick in '80 and Erie's 5th rd pick in '80 8 To Columbus: Tom Brookens and Chicago's 1st rd pick in '80.
9 To Alabama: JR Richard, Bill North and San Francisco's 2nd rd pick in '80. 9 To San Francisco: Jack Clark and Mike Sadek