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Manager/Owner: Dave "Duke" Siemienski, 6' 6", 223 lbs

"Duke" because so many friends were named Dave, and it was also my "professional" name during the 25 year span when I was a professional handicapper. Yes, I predicted the outcomes for all major sports on a national radio show for 7 years, and on a cable TV show for 10 years. "Duke Simmons," also set the North American "comp line" free pick record of 17 straight days of winners in May of 1992. Although not a gambler myself, thousands of bettors bet thousands of dollars on my opinions. I won a contest in 1998, picking all NFL games against the spread for 17 weeks... finishing at 60% and winning $13,000 cash. The obvious highlight of that career.

AIM Screen Name: Dukeagles

Strat-O-Matic Fan Forum Name: Dave Siemienski

Hometown: Born in Manchester, Connecticut, but I decided to move to California when I was 3.  Grew up in Inglewood, California....lived in Manhattan Beach and El Segundo thereafter.

Birthdate: 7/28/47... yes, Babe Ruth and Orville Wright were alive when I was born.

Strat-O-Matic background: Saw an ad for SOM in the Sporting News in 1963, and became hooked ever after.  Designed a replica of Fenway Park, where dice rolled down a chute on to the field, that was featured in the Strat-O-Matic Review.

Most memorable Strat-O-Matic moment: Rick Byrens talks about his lifetime record against me in an OFL football league, and his luck is most memorable to me. With 15 seconds left in my FIRST game against him, I had the ball and a 2-point lead on second down. We did NOT have the QB falldown rule that we subsequently instituted... and I... fumbled the ball. He recovered and kicked the winning field goal on the last play of the game. Does that explain something about my record, when HE had clearly the superior team that rookie year for me? I broke up his chance at an undefeated season once, and I think he has been bitter ever since.

Favorite Baseball Team: Los Angeles Dodgers During the 1950s, my dad constantly talked about his favorite team, the Brooklyn Dodgers.  I grew to know all about Snider, Hodges, Robinson, Campy,  Pee Wee etc. even though they were across the country.  When they moved to LA in 1958, my dad took me to the Coliseum the first week they were in town.  They have been my favorite team ever since.

Did You Know? I have a wife, 2 boys (32 & 19), and a granddaughter 3. I have 11 water turtles, 1 African Sulcata tortoise, and a miniature Schnauzer dog. I produce small independent movies, own ice cream stores, and write. I was All Centinela Valley in basketball in high school, played one year in college and played all sports until 13 surgeries have slowed me to a near sedentary existence. I broke 80 once in golf, and once made 77 straight free throws in college. I have a degree in Graphic Design, and was a commercial artist for one year out of college, and spent 24 years in recreation and parks administration. I was President of a non-profit corporation to help keep young people off drugs, and was Citizen of the Year in 1991. I was President of the Teamsters Union and a charter member of the first National Advisory Board for Cold Stone Creamery (the ice cream store I own in Burbank).

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